Getting Ready for Halloween

I have been sewing up a storm, but you’ll have settle for a sneak peek.

Right now, I’m up to my ears in Halloween sewing. That’s the thing with having four kids who all want the same costume for Halloween.

I’ve got my pattern picked out and traced in 3 sizes. It’s from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew.

Oliver + S, Little Things to Sew
Oliver + S, Little Things to Sew

I have so much fabric. I don’t think I have ever bought this much of the same thing at once. And it’s heavy too.

Fabric for this year's Halloween costume.
Fabric for this year’s Halloween costume.

Here’s a little sneak peek. There is still a lot left to do though. When my husband heard what I was planning he said he wanted a costume too. We’ll see if I have enough fabric for that.

Detail of this year's Halloween costume.
Can you guess what I’m making?

And one more hint.

Detail of this year's Halloween costume.
Detail of this year’s Halloween costume.

What about you? Do you have any Halloween sewing planned?

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