The Big List of Online Canadian Fabric, Pattern and Notion Stores

The Big List of Online Canadian Fabric Shops

Finding Canadian companies that sell fabric online can be tough.

True, you can always shop at one of the US online shops, but it’s just not as easy. Some don’t ship to Canada. Sometimes the shipping prices are outrageous. Even when the shop sends out the fabric the same day, it can be stalled at customs for ages. Then there is the exchange rate to contend with.

I’m much happier supporting a Canadian business, knowing that my order will arrive quickly, and knowing exactly how much it will cost me.

Here is a list of Canadian companies that sell quilting or apparel fabric, patterns, and notions. I haven’t tried them all, so I can’t vouch for them. If you know of any others or have had a good experience with any, please leave a comment or get in touch.

This list was last updated on March 29, 2023. Shops are generally listed geographically from east to west.




Specialty Services

Pattern Companies

For Independent apparel, bag, toy and quilt sewing patterns, please visit our:
Big List of Independent Canadian Sewing Pattern Companies

Modern Quilting Fabric
These online shops have predominantly quilting cottons in modern prints and solids.

Traditional Quilting Fabric
These online shops have primarily quilting cottons in traditional prints.

Apparel Fabric
These online shops stock various fabrics intended for apparel.

Specialty Fabric
These online shops stock specialty fabrics, mostly for apparel sewing.

Apparel Patterns & Notions
These online shops sell notions or patterns, primarily for apparel sewing.

Quilting Patterns & Notions
These online shops sell quilting notions or patterns.

Bag Patterns & Notions
These online shops sell supplies for making bags.

Doll-Making Patterns & Supplies
These online shops sell supplies for making dolls.

Longarm Quilting Services
A list of longarm quilters, organizedby province.

Pattern Grading and Sample-Making Services
A list of companies offering pattern grading services for apparel sewing patterns.

Is your business missing? If you are located in Canada, and sell fabric, notions or patterns online get in touch. Thanks!

The Big List of Online Canadian Fabric Shops

Author: Shannon Smith

Data scientist, journalist, sewist, hiker, modern quilter, slam poet, and mum of four. My best friends are trees and my favourite food is granola.

77 thoughts on “The Big List of Online Canadian Fabric, Pattern and Notion Stores”

      1. Do you have a list of retailers and online stores that sell cloth diaper making fabric ie:pul and also cotton spandex jersey


      2. No. I’m only listing online vendors, not all retailers. But those who do sell jersey or diaper supplies online would be listed under apparel or specialty fabric stores.


  1. What a fabulous Canadian fabric list. Looks like Bound To Quilt is having a 20% off Art Gallery sale, right now. I love the Poetica. I have bought from Sew sisters before and their service was also excellent


  2. Hi – this is Andrea from Sew What? – I just wanted to say thanks so much for including me on your list! (And what a great list it is, I’ve found a few sites I will definitely have to try ordering from!)

    Your readers can use coupon code TAKE5 for 5% off of their purchase from my site.

    Thanks again!


  3. This is an awesome resource and something I’ve been looking for, for a while 🙂
    While Darrell Thomas Textiles is an amazing store with lovely apparel fabrics, it doesn’t sell online. The
    website is meant as a resource to see what is in store. So for those in or visiting Ottawa, Darrell Thomas is a must visit for fabric lovers!


  4. Hi,

    I found it hard to find drapery supplies in Canada all in one place for making your own home décor so I’ve recently opened up a shop on Etsy to try and test the market on selling these supplies to Canadians. This is something I’ve been thinking about for 9 years and still no-one else is doing it so I’ve finally decided to give it a go.

    Any chance you including me on your list.

    Thanks so much.



      1. This entire post is such an incredibly useful resource! So happy to find a close by etsy shop included here. I was just wondering Cathy, you are SOO close, do you know anyone that has a great fabric scraps section around? Or do you? 😉 that ships? We are in Georgetown…? Thanks!


      2. Hello, Jeanine — what type of scraps are you looking for? I used to make dog beds out of left-over fabric from making quilts and the bin-fuls of scraps are for stuffing the pillowcases – cottons and other fabrics, 80/20 cotton/poly batting and scraps, etc. I am in the Ottawa area. Are you in Georgetown, Ontario? I won’t ship, but if you’re ever in Ottawa, you’re welcome to it.


  5. Hi Shannon – What a great list! I just launched my own Canadian online fabric shop in March. It’s called Fridays Off Fabric Shop ( and I carry modern quilting fabrics. I would love it if you could include my shop as part of your list.


  6. Does anyone know of other sites that sell Native or animal patterns so I don’t have to bounce through all the sites? Looking specifically for loon’s and black bear’s.


  7. Thank you so, so, SEW much for this info! I finally have a comprehensive site where I can look up online Canadian fabric shops. HALLELUIA! I live in small town Saskatchewan, so resources are quite limited. I am getting more and more requests for custom garments, from good quality natural fibers (linens especially). If I have a good experience when ordering I will definitely share!


  8. Do you know of any stores that have Terry Cloth? I would love to find some in the Toronto area.



      1. Thanks for your quick reply. I’ve been finding it very difficult to find a reasonably priced source for Terry cloth.

        Oh well. I’ll keep hunting.


  9. Does anyone have a good source for Minky fabric online? I refuse to pay $40 for shipping over 2 yards of it from the states, but there doesn’t seem to be any online stores in Canada that sells the Minky Dot fabric in more than one or two colours.


  10. It is the list I will have to try some of these online stores. So glad to see Emmaline Bags and Patterns on the list. She has such great patterns and hardware as well as amazing customer service.


  11. Sewing With Me also has their own website apart from Etsy, it’s called, they range from handbag patterns to kids clothes, even some patterns for ladies.


  12. Thank you so much for including Emmaline in you List! I’m so happy that you put a section in for Bag supplies.
    I am an avid quilter and I love apparel fabric. Okay, I love fabric, and I love to shop local – so thank you for this list~ Janelle


  13. I am looking for sequined organza in purple from a Canadian online fabric store. I am getting very frustrated as it brings me state side. There are a couple of Canadian but they do not carry organza. Can you help???????\
    frustrated Shirley


  14. Does anyone know where I am get organic hemp canvas that was grown in Canada and manufactured there as well? I did see Efforts, but they import from China. I am in Vermont, USA, and looking to start a business. I want the fabric to be as local and sustainable as possible (since we can’t grow it here yet…working on that!)
    Cheers and thank you for putting this list together 🙂


  15. does anyone know a good place to order material in to make dog bandanna’s?
    I would like to have the material with dog prints on them.


  16. Hi Ladies:

    Lots of great resources on here. Thanks for the compliation.

    Also – FYI: If you ask the US vendors to mail as opposed to “courier ship” there is no duty or import fees of any kind. The box, envelope, whatever, just comes in the mail. I do it all the time.



  17. I check a lot of these links….great resource I bookmarked – thanks. Wondering if anyone can tell me of of a supplier to get larger machine needles, say sizes 26 to 31 for heavy thread (example tex350 nylon). I have searched high and low but no luck for a Canadian supplier.


  18. I am looking for sources for power netting, stretch lace in Canada. Would appreciate any stores especially in Western Canada.
    Thanks Judy


  19. Kick Ass Country Store in Plumas, MB no longer has an online store. The new website only has store info and a link to a hot dog pillowcase. I’m guessing that when she passed away last year her husband couldn’t keep up with the site as well as the store, which has remained open for now.

    Also, MacPhee Workshop has excellent patterns and customer service. They are in Alberta in the Edmonton area. The patterns I ordered arrived quickly and are printed on durable newsprint. Some of the styles are dated, but most are classics and in a multitude of sizes for great value.


      1. I can also confirm that MacPhee Workshop is in the Edmonton area. – {(780) being the area code for northern alberta} This is the address I was able to find for them. I could probably call if you needed one. RR 8, Namao, AB T0A 2N0
        (780) 973-3516


      2. Thanks for the info.

        Most businesses that sell things to the general public publish a mailing address, or a post office box (some people work from home, after all) on their website. It’s reassuring. I don’t usually list the ones that don’t.


  20. Quite a few people have asked for specific fabrics. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the full inventory of all the shops listed. The best thing to do is follow the links in the categories above that apply and check them out.


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  22. Wow, love this site. Please add our shop to your listing.
    Creemore House of Stitches in Creemore, Ontario carries
    100% Cotton for Traditional Quilting, fleece,flannel, 12 colours of lightweight sports jersey mesh, notions, books, patterns and Quilting supplies. We also carry Cascade, Lang, King Cole and Estelle Yarns. We are participating in the Row By Row Experience Shop Hop from July 1st – Sept 2nd.


  23. Hi Shannon,

    I have recently opened up an online Canadian fabric shop and would love to be added to your list. We focus on beautiful, unique, fun fabric, carrying manufacturers such as Riley Blake, Monaluna, Birch Fabrics, and will be adding much more soon.



  24. I have purchased a couple of patterns from Jalie and was really pleased with them. They have a large range of sizes and their patterns are made to fit real people. The patterns I made up were for knits and were super easy and fast to construct.


  25. What a fabulous list! While I love shopping online, I would much rather buy Canadian than pay the outrageous shipping charges and then wonder how long it’s going to take to arrive when buying from the U.S. I know you have Sew Sisters on the list – I just want to say how fabulous their service is. Really, really top drawer. Orders from them arrive very, very quickly.


  26. is an online shop just outside of Ottawa in Stittsville, ON. They’ve just opened a retail store and have partnered with a studio. So you can take classes and workshops and buy all you supplies in one place.
    I have shopped online and in person. The customer service is the best customer service in the fabric industry that I have encountered. (I am a huge stickler for customer service) Shipping is fast. Fabrics are well packaged and solids are labelled.


  27. I am looking for a source of jacquard ribbon trims. I am making Viking costumes for a Halloween wedding! Other than wholesalers and Ebay, I am unable to find more than a few. I live in Northern BC so online is my only option. Thanks for any help you can give!


  28. I would love to find a site that sells raincoat material. The shiny fabric raingear kids wear or was popular some time ago. Its called a bunch of names cotton vinyl, pleather, laminate, etc


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