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Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith, author of The Finished Garment

My name is Shannon. When I was a child, back in Vancouver, my grandmother and mother taught me to sew. My first project was a set of finger puppets. I did quite a bit of sewing through high school and my friends would even pay me to sew things for them.

But then life intervened. I moved to Montreal, finished grad school, and started a serious career. It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I started missing the patterns, the trips to the fabric store and the hum of the sewing machine. I now have four kids, which means that every time I try a new kids’ pattern I have to make it four times. I’ve also started quilting, which is a lot more fun than I anticipated. And I’m sewing for myself again.

In real life I work in tech, advocate for a more socially just web, am a social media lactivist, and I used to help organize the Montreal WordPress Community. I also take a number of speaking engagements every year.

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