It Just Isn’t Me

My personal wardrobe colour palette.

Yesterday I read a great blog post by Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow on the importance of having a personal wardrobe colour palette.

It’s similar to Colette‘s seasonal colour palettes, but more long-term. The idea is that once you know what your colour palette is, you can better choose what to make.

Here’s mine.

My personal wardrobe colour palette.
My personal wardrobe colour palette.

These are the colours I like the most, and that I enjoy wearing. I can see the lime, turquoise and ballerina pink fitting in with a spring wardrobe, while the chocolate-brown and tangerine would work well for fall.

I did a second colour chart with fabric swatches from some of the nicer online fabric stores. It definitely confirmed that I was on the right track. You should try it!

This colour palette is more aspirational than actual. I’ve had four kids in the last 7 years, which means that most of my wardrobe consists of maternity wear. I’m starting at square one. It’s liberating and frustrating at the same time.

It’s liberating because I can justify making a lot of clothing. Yay! But frustrating because a lot of what I see on online sewing blogs, while beautiful and inspirational, just isn’t me.

In a similar vein, you can also read how this blogger (sallieoh) inspired this blog post by Joanne at Stitch and Witter, which in turn inspired this other blog post by Sunni at a Fashionable Stitch about embracing your own personal style. I’m not sure which article is the most inspiring, or if the real inspiration is the blogosphere cross-pollination.

I’m starting with colour. I like bold colours. I like stripes and houndstooth and strong geometric patterns, but I like solids even more, especially black. I like tailored clothing that is inspired by street wear and menswear. I like asymmetrical, minimalist, and modern. (You can see some Pinterest fashion inspiration here and here.)

So you won’t see a lot of peter pan collars, or tiny florals around here, but that just means you’ll see a lot more of me.

Author: Shannon Smith

Data scientist, journalist, sewist, hiker, modern quilter, slam poet, and mum of four. My best friends are trees and my favourite food is granola.

5 thoughts on “It Just Isn’t Me”

  1. What a great post, and a great palette! I love you you mixed seasonal colours together and made it cohesive. Plus I can really see how it would work with the kinds of clothing you have pinned! I bet you could whip up a few simple bright tops (t-shirts, or maybe a grainline woven tee, for example)that would bring those bright solids into your current wardrobe for spring! I”m glad you enjoyed my post – I’m really looking forward to seeing your palette in action this year!


  2. I can also see the lime green, turquoise and pale pink as accents with the chocolate brown and other dark colours in the winter, adding some brightness. Maybe as prints on a dark background? Or as accessories?

    I might have to try this idea myself.


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