Stashbusting in 2015

Stashbusting Sewalong Challenge
Stashbusting Sewalong Challenge
Stashbusting Sewalong Challenge 2015

For the third year in a row I’ll be taking part in the Stashbusting Sewalong and this year I’m also a monthly theme leader. It’s a super casual sew-along where everyone is encouraged to use what they already have. Instead of going fabric shopping, we try to shop our fabric stash.

Personally, I have trouble finding the time to sew all the things I plan. That means that the fabric (and patterns!) start to pile up. Making a game out of using up what I have helps keep everything under control. I also like that this sew-along is very low-key. My favourite kind of sew-along is the kind where there are no deadlines and no pressure.

I just added everything up and it looks like this year I sewed about 47 metres of stash fabric. Crazy! And that’s not counting all the notions, batting, buttons, etc. I used every piece of batting I have larger than a place mat. Next year, I’ll try for 10 pieces of fabric. I’ll count up the metres at the end of the year.

This year there will also be monthly leaders and I’m one of them! I’m super excited! I will be stash busting outerwear this September. Will I finally get that wool coat made? A cape? Or maybe a Minoru jacket? Find out this fall!

If you’ve followed the sew-along before, you’ll notice there are new themes, and project sew-alongs too. But you can also participate by sewing whatever you like, as long as it is from your stash.

Optional Monthly Themes:

January: Renewing Sewing with Emily at Tumbleweeds in the Wind
February: Fabric Contest with Judy at Stoney Lonesome Sew Works
March: Patterns We Have with Heather at Handmade by Heather B
April: Vibrant Color with Kristen at Sew Classic
May: Lingerie with Andrea at Obsessive Creativeness
June: Knits with Nancy at Surfing in Surf City
July: Dresses with Sarah at Musings of a Seamstress
August: Face your Feared Stashed Fabric with Jagoda at Fit Not to Fit
September: Outerwear and Seasonal Change with Shannon at The Finished Garment
October: Sewing for Charity with Orsolya at Borsmenta’s Creative Room
November: Containment and a Japanese Bag Sewalong with Sue at Fadanista
December: Christmas Mayhem with Emily at Tumbleweeds in the Wind

The sew-along starts this month and runs all year. So if you’d like to join the sew-along, hop over to the official 2015 Stashbusting Sewalong webpage to join and then sign up for the Stashbusting Facebook group and/or Stashbusting Flickr group. Hope to see you there!

Author: Shannon Smith

Data scientist, journalist, sewist, hiker, modern quilter, slam poet, and mum of four. My best friends are trees and my favourite food is granola.

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