Of course I’d rather be sewing, but I’ve had a whiny toddler in a cast for the past three weeks, so all my sewing has been virtual.

Lately I’ve been reading the Collette Wardrobe Architect series. One of the things that I’d love to do better is sew things that better reflect my style. When I sew for my self, I find I’m using the wrong fabric, sewing for the wrong shape, or just playing it too safe. Basically, I’m ending up with the wrong clothes. And yet, when I go shopping, that doesn’t seem to happen as often.

So I went virtual shopping at Polyvore, dreamed up some imaginary outfits, and now I’m going to try to match them up to real patterns (hopefully ones I already own) and maybe, eventually, sew some of them up. Can you help? I’ve matched these up as best I can, but maybe you see a better match. Let me know in the comments, if you do.

Outfit 1: Dinner and a Show

Dinner and a show

This one isn’t too tough. BurdaStyle recently had a similar outfit featured on their site. It included the Editorial Pants 08/2013 #118C and Long Sleeve Blazer 08/2013 #106. And doesn’t the top look like Sewaholic’s Alma blouse?

Outfit 2: Hanging Out

Hanging out

I was thinking the Espresso leggings, and Moss skirt, but then what about the top? I can find a number of cowl tops (BurdaStyle Gathered Cowl Top 10/2012 #118B, or I could even hack Vogue 1250 into a top) but nothing asymmetric. Hmmmm.

Outfit 3: Business Black

Business Black

As a web developer in real life, I don’t have to wear a suit, but I do have to look serious at meetings. Black is always good, and it’a colour I like. For this I was thinking the Archer shirt. But the skirt is tough. I haven’t really seen many asymmetric skirts. There is this one on Burdastyle, but it isn’t really the same.

Outfit 4: Business Meeting

Business meeting

Not sure about this one. It’s Lanvin and sells for $3,000. I can safely say I am unlikely to ever spend that much on a single piece of clothing. But it sure is pretty. It’s a little like the BurdaStyle Cowl Dress 10/2012 #118A, but there must be a better match with a similar neckline, no?

So that was my imaginary sewing. Can you tell I miss having the time to sew? And thanks in advance for any help you can offer in tracking down patterns that are a better for than what I’ve found.

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8 Responses to Imaginary Sewing

  1. CosmicCaro says:

    I love the asymmetric whit cowl neckline top! The back seems to be interesting too with a peep of a black ribbon?!?

    The last deep dark blue dress had me thinking about New Look 6000 – but maybe just because I am dying to sew it up! NL600 is not as modern but has asymmetric side pleats, sleeves and boat neckline. After this semester, I will!

    Evil me says : Or maybe I could do my remaining homeworks like super duper fast and sew this for a wedding I am suppose to attend between my 2 exams in Virgina… Hum, Evil me forget I am a snailstress and need an FBA!! ;)
    CosmicCaro recently posted…Dearest Thanks for the Nomination!My Profile

  2. Suzie says:

    This looks like such a fab way of creating a wardrobe. Especially planning whole outfits, as I often find I create wardrobe orphans and nothing much goes. Hoping your little one gets better soon
    Suzie recently posted…Simplicity 2451 and the Fabric First CampMy Profile

  3. Esmari Taylor says:

    If Lanvin gave me a paper bag to wear, I would! Love love love their stuff and wish wish wish I had the budget for it! ;-)
    The white cowl top is fabulous too. I’m very much a sucker for interesting necklines!

  4. Lysa says:

    Ooo, beautiful outfits! I usually just get grumpy when I don’t get to sew, you’ve been so productive!